brand assets

every single element representing your brand

Creating an identity for a product or a business is more than designing a logo. It’s equivalent to naming a living being and evolving with it.

To bring out the personality of your product, service or a company, your brand is distilled through colours, design principles, typography, illustration and photography.

identity design

yes, this is where the magic happens

Whether we’re working on uplifting your existing identity or creating a new one for a brand new business, we look to the data behind your business and customer insights.

* We have helped many businesses with brand collateral: business cards, corporate catalogues and brochures, trade show assets, vehicle fleet, uniforms and your digital assets like your social media channel setup.


— naming your new idea
— concept development
— visual identity design
— brand guidelines
— logo design
— brand collateral*

copy written content

through words to storytelling

Great copy means engagement - an optimal communication result.

Equipped with your business and customer insights, the copy is relevant and laser focused on your and your audience needs, whether the purpose is brand awareness, marketing, or SEO.


web copy

ad copy
editorial headlines
social media
video narrative

Come again!


is picture still worth 1,000 words?

Let us take the most relevant shots to capture your brand goals and engage your customers.


— architecture
— interiors
— hotels
— industrial

— people
— office
— restaurant
— retail

Industrial technician at work
Interior photographyEPIK hotel room
Ciena Kanata officeBonaparte breakfast


aka motion

Not only is professional and authentic video content an effective way to drive consumer traffic to your business and website, but video content also optimizes your online ranking, and keeps the audience engaged with your brand.


— corporate
— editorial
— showcase
— animation

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