Why strategy?

Every journey requires planning.
When it comes to your businesses and your customers, branding is no different: as long as you’re in business, you have a relationship with your customers that need to be continuously developed and nurtured.

And that requires strategic planning.

By leaving assumptions out of strategy, and evaluating the whole picture from your business and your customer side, we’re able to align critical branding decisions to your organization’s goals.

let's start
with business insights


Your business is a living organism. It has a heart and many other organs: products, employees, partners, contractors etc. It has also got a personality: desires, fears, opinions and assumptions.

Yes, assumptions! And our first task is to weave these out and understand your core identity and business goals.

We usually get it done under 3 strategic sessions

Our sessions are tailored and can include:
01  Brand attributes analysis
02  Short & long-term goals mapping
03  SWOT analysis
04  User profiles: ideal clients & time-wasters
05  Priorities: revenue, awareness & efficiency
06  Lean business canvas

To identify:
What makes you different?
Really, really different?
Radically different?

customer insights


Our second task is to deeply understand your customers in order to align your branding message with how your product resonates with your current market.

We get this done by asking your customers the right questions with our internally developed customer investigative interview method. These flexible yet goal-oriented email interviews help eliminate false assumptions about your market and product and uncover insights.  

Across a set of six signals, each interview investigates:
1. why customers value your product?
2. what is customer's decision to use your product?

Our set of six signals per customer will answer:
01  Context of use
02  Pains relieved by using your product
03  Gains received from using your product
04  Concerns
05  Decision criteria
06  Alternate Solutions

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content planning


Alas, after talking to you and to your customers, we’ll have a clear picture of:

1. what your brand stands for?
2. who is your brand talking to?
3. what does your customer care about?

Now your brand message can be strategically targeted at your specific audience!

To be aligned to your business goals, planning means selecting the most relevant brand assets to communicate that message with:

01 Copy
Graphic design
03 Illustration
04 Photography
05 Motion
06 Animation

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brand assets
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