what do we stand for?

For years, we asked our clients the same strategic question:
What's your why?
Your raison d'être?

Without raison d’être, there’s no soul
Without soul, there’s no story
Without story, there's no emotion, no connection, no experience...

We believe every brand has a heart.

Uncovering its raison d’être is at the core of everything we do to help bring the WHY to the front of your STORY and develop existing businesses into extraordinary brands.

Kontora today

Today we service both start-ups and mature businesses to identify the direction, to sprout healthy brand evolution and growth.

From initial identity design to effective campaigns, our work is carefully targeted to help you reach your business goals: connect with ideal customers, increase the bottom line, evoke interest and engagement (raise brand awareness), all the while meeting objectives.

meet our team



Communications & Accounts

Darya oversees the communication strategy. She loves clarity and conciseness. An efficiency evangelist, she leverages the account management and copywriting execution with maintaining effective and smooth stakeholder relations.



Art Director

Gleb is a link between the creative right brain and the strategic left brain. He lives in both worlds and can’t help himself disrupting the comfort zone of biz owners while pushing them from a #BusinessMode to a #BrandMode.


Lysin (Radj)

Creative Director

Can you imagine creative at scale? Eugene actually can, and he’s living it daily and loving it. Cliche or good enough doesn’t belong here. "Design to be noticed" is Eugene’s personal motto and that’s what makes Kontora’s pixels the way they are today.



Tech Wizard

Software engineer by trade and tech reputed seer by nature. Former Google engineer with a brown belt in BJJ, not a geek. He trusts the big data and has much bigger plans for humanity. Thanks to Andrei, we feel safe here when it comes to technology. He misses NYC daily.

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